Co-location/PoP module

Digital Skies facilitates and operates under our own point-of-presence (PoP), allowing our service providers and distribution partners to co-locate and use our PoP without needing their own. Co-location can be as simple as a direct pass through or include extensive value added service (at the PoP).

Firewall management

Traffic routed through the Digital Skies PoP is protected by a redundant IP packet based firewall. Firewall rulesets can be applied to SIM cards, preventing unauthorized traffic and protecting against unusual incoming traffic. Firewall rulesets can be created at time of activation and can be updated at any time. A firewall must be created before a data session can occur.

Secure networks

By default, traffic is routed from the satellite operator facilities through the Digital Skies PoP to the internet via redundant connections. There is also the option to route the traffic via secure connections (VPN, MPLS) directly to the customer data center.

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