Digital Skies provides a managed service for DPs and SPs. This is a mixture of PoP, network infrastructure, firewall, billing and/or provisioning services in combination with technical and/or 1st tier support.

Distribution Partners (DPs) and Service Providers (SPs) can operate their own redundant POPs using Digital Skies’ platform without having to build their own. Our PoP platform has an integrated firewall that enables DPs/SPs and their end-users to perform IP packet data filtering services. Our DPs & SPs have access to various tools which allows their users to be able to remotely manage the platform(s) themselves.

Our Digital Skies IBIS platform operates directly with the support systems of key satellite operators such as Inmarsat and Iridium. Through IBIS, users can activate, suspend, and de-activate services. Utilizing call-detail-records (CDRs), traffic can be closely monitored.

Digital Skies is the industry leader in providing Billing and Provisioning services for the satellite industry. Our IBIS platform performs complex calculations and mediations in real time. L-band, VSAT, and cellular services can be (re)billed, with a variety of pricing options available.

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