My Thuraya satellite phone is unable to make or place calls

  1. Check your mobile phone’s display to make sure that the mobile phone is switched on. If the mobile phone does not display in-formation on its screen, check if the battery is fully charged and properly installed.
  2. Check that the SIM card is not damaged and is correctly installed in your mobile phone.
  3. Check that you have dialed the number correctly.
  4. Satellite mobile phones should have a clear view of the sky. If you are inside a building, tunnel, or other structure that limits your view of the sky, the satellite signal may be weak or unavailable.
  5. To check signal strength, access the menu and follow the prompts on the display. The higher the number of bars displayed on your mobile phone, the better the signal.
  6. In SAT mode make a manual SAT Registration with the menu item Network > SAT Registration.
  7. Check that the mobile phone is switched to the proper mode.
  8. Check that the correct SIM card PIN has been entered. For your security, the SIM card is blocked if an incorrect PIN is entered three times consecutively.
  9. Check that outgoing calls are not barred. If barring is enabled, cancel the bar by referring to section ’Security settings’.
  10. Check that the antenna is fully extended. The antenna should point towards the satellite with a clear view to the sky.

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