How does the Hughes HNS 9201 BGAN Satellite Phone handle IP Addressing?

The BGAN User Terminal conforms to the standard Internet Protocol version 4 addressing using four byte IP addresses.  The three interfaces that connect with the user’s Terminal Equipment (USB, Wireless LAN, and Ethernet) are bridged in the terminal and the bridged interface is assigned a fixed address of


The satellite network interface, available through the BGAN stack, will be assigned an IP address that is either assigned dynamically by the UMTS network or is assigned statically through the Service Provider at the request of the End-User.

This is the IP address that the User Terminal is reachable over the air interface.  This may be a private address of the DP as explained in diagram above.


The Hughes UT will use the IP address as an argument for PDP context activation.  Otherwise, a dynamic IP address is requested in the PDP context activation request.  The confirmation of the PDP activation will include the IP address that is assigned to the User Terminal (static or dynamic).

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