How do I enable Remote Terminal Management Hughes 9502

Remote Management allows the unit to receive and act on special remote control SMS messages.


To access this feature page, open a standard internet browser, and enter in the address field.  Then, click on Security Icon at the top of the GUI. If enhanced security is already enabled, you will need to know the Administrator password to access any features.

SMS Remote Control Off by default. On/Off radio button

  • SMS Remote Password

default is remote (case sensitive). If the Enhanced Security feature is enabled, the password will be displayed encrypted.

  • Sender White-list is a list of numbers that the terminal will allow a remote SMS message to come from. When entering the number use the + symbol in front of the country code e.g., +870 or just start with the country code e.g., 870. Do not use 00 in front of the country code.

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