Can’t open an IP data connection

HNS 9201: CME_30 “The network request cannot be granted. The network is not available at this time. Try again later.”

Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER terminal: CM_133 ” The network request Cannot be granted

Nera WorldPro 1000/1010: JDUN_0734 ” The PPP link control protocol was terminated.

Possible Cause: Incorrect APN Selected

Have you checked the APN?

An Access Point Name (APN) identifies the external network that is accessible from a terminal. By default, the SIM Card in your terminal is configured with the APN of your Service Provider, and the terminal reads this information from the SIM card.  If you can’t make an IP data connection, it may be that an incorrect APN is being used by the terminal.

To check that the correct APN is being used, in BGAN LaunchPad select BGAN Services > LaunchPad APN Options. T he APN that is currently being used is displayed in the APN Configuration screen.

To make sure this is the correct APN for your SIM card, select Fetch from SIM. Click on OK and try making the IP data connection again.  If you still can’t make an IP data connection, check that the individual connection is set to the default APN. To do this, select the Data tab, right-click on the data icon that you want to check and select Edit. Then select the Routing tab, and make sure that default it selected in the Select APN drop-down list. Click on OK, and try making the IP data connection again.

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